The Original earPod

The Only Way to Store Your earphones


I have been using my earPod for 3 years, and my original iPod earphones look better than new.



Features and Benefits

  • Eliminate tangled wires and knots from your earphones with the earPod.

  • Protect your earbuds with the earPod's felt lined chamber

  • Clip & Go with the earPod's removable e-Clip belt clip

  • Store or restore in 20 second or less.  Much faster than untangling you wires

Dan Frakes, MacCentral

Tangled is usually how they (earphones) end up, and the next time you go to use your iPod, spend a couple minutes untying earbud knots.  The earPod allow you to store your earbuds tangle-free and they work quite well.




Jeremy Horwitz, iPodLounge

The earPod does exactly what it promises to do.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to people who want to protect their earphones. It’s solid and well-made, and for $9.99 won’t break your wallet.




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 Original earPod - The Only way to store your earphones