ultraEars SX70

Ultra Sound - Ultra comfort - Reasonable Price


  • Direct2Ear Technology improves sound, channel separation, bass response, comfort, and noise reduction

  • Three (3) Size of form fitting earpieces provide extra comfort, great fit, and noise reduction.

  • 9mm ceramic driver provides increased bass response

  • White and grey finish compliments your iPod.

  • Direct2Ear earpieces provide comfortable fit, so you can listen and listen

  • Compatible with all iPods, MP3 players, CD players, and other portable music devices




ultraEars in-ear earphones incorporates a 9mm sound driver with Direct2Ear audio technology to provide you with clear treble sound and superb bass response. ultraEars come with 3 sizes of special ear fitting noise reducing sleeves to provide you with the best fit possible. This enhances sound quality and comfortable. The shape of the ear pieces provide a nice tight fit and bring the sound closer to you so you feel like you are right in the middle of music. The 9mm drivers and and ear pieces combine to deliver a strong bass signal.

4 out of 5 Apples in MacHome Magazine Markkus Rovito

“ultraEars offer a very attractive mix of sound quality, comfort and the blocking of outside noise for a low price.


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Item Image Description Price
ultraEars SX70 earphones

Ultra Sound, Ultra Bass, but not the ultra Price.


ultraEars SX70  & earPod Combo

Great earphone with a great case.


SX70 Large Replacement earpieces


Replacement SX70 earpiece - Large (1 Pair)


SX70 Medium Replacement earpieces

Replacement SX70 earpiece - Medium (1 Pair)


SX70 Small Replacement earpieces

Replacement SX70 earpiece - Small (1 Pair)


ultraEars SX70 Specifications

Driver Unit : 9mm

Cable Length : 1.2 Meters

Impedance: 16 ohm

Frequency Response : 20 - 20,000 Hz

Magnet Type : NdFeB

Max Power : 30mW