ezDance™ Wii Dance Pad

for Dance Dance Revolution


  • Fully equipped digital dance pad provides 8-way direction control

  • Durable textured surface for comfort and increased traction

  • High grip, non-slip rubber base prevents dance pad from sliding

  • Designed for Nintendo Wii as well as Nintendo GameCube

ezDance Dance Pad


ezDance Dance Pad from ezGear



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Compete with your family & friends with the ezDance Dance Pad for Wii


You've got your invitation to the hottest dance game for the Wii, now make it a real party with the ezDance Dance pad. Dance Dance Revolution comes with 1 dance pad...and supports up to four (4). Add one ezDance dance pad to your game to face off 1 on 1 or get three (3) pads to play in four-player mode and have the hottest dance party you have ever imagined. Great for all ages, each ezDance has 8 way direction controls and is made of a durable textured surface for better traction and reduced sliding. Never Let the Fun Stop... with ezDance!

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