ezJam Combo for Wii  - Guitar Hero + Rock Band in One

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ezJam Combo - 1 Guitar Does it All

The ezJam Combo Guitar for Wii is the first guitar controller for the Wii that works on both Guitar Hero and Rock Band.  Wit ezGear’s proprietary DC2 Dual Connect technology, the ezJam Combo for Wii contains everything you need to play either game in 1 stylish unit. The ezJam Combo is ultra-responsive to meet the most intense shredder’s play, and comes with upgraded chrome strum bar, ezSpring chrome whammy bar, and multi-axis tilt sensor. The ezJam also includes our standard Supra10 10 fret feature. Five (5) frets for big hands and 5 frets for smaller hands and younger shredders. The ezJam Combo includes the Guitar Controller, Rock Band wireless receiver, and neckstrap.


DC2 Dual Connect Technology

DC2 Dual Connect technology offers the best of both worlds. Integrated components inside the controller offer wireless connections and functionality for both Rock Band and Guitar Hero, while wireless connections remain separate for each.  The DC2 interface for Guitar Hero is via the standard Wiimote.  A compartment in the back of the guitar houses connections for the Wiimote.  The DC2 interface for Rock Band is a wireless transmitter built into the ezJam Combo.  The Wireless Receiver is included.  And all of this is implemented without adding bulk or too much additional cost.  DC2 is they way to go.


SUPRA 10 Fret Keys

The ezJam Combo comes with ezGear's signature Supra10 fret board.  Supra10 allows the ezJam Combo to be used by any member of the family.  Family members with large hands can use the bottom 5 frets.  Member with smaller hands can use the upper frets that are smaller and closer together.


ezSpring™ Whammy and Strum Bars

Chrome Whammy and Strum bars are standard on the ezJam Combo.  The ezSpring feature of both ensures perfect synchronization and great guitar action on every song.


Save Money and Space
Why spend $80 - $100 on two guitar when you can get the ezJam Combo for Wii.  But saving money is only the beginning.  With the ezJam Combo for Wii, you will be saving space in your home.  No need to keep extra guitars around to play different games.  Lower cost and less clutter with ezJam Combo.



  • Guitar Hero AND Rock Band in One (1)

  • Less expensive than Buying 2 Guitars

  • DC2 Dual Connect Technology

  • Supra10 10 Fret Keyboard 5 Standard Keys & 5 Smaller Keys for smaller hands

  • ezSpring Chrome Strum Bar and Whammy Bar

  • Supports RockBand Guitar Effects

  • Multi-Axis Tilt Sensor

  • Includes Neck Strap and Wireless Receiver

  • Built in Wii Control buttons on Front of Guitar


1 Guitar Works With

  •    Guitar Hero III for Wii

  •    Guitar Hero IV World Tour for Wii

  •    Guitar Hero Aerosmith for Wii

  •    Rock Band for Wii

  •    Rock Band 2 for Wii


So if you want to own both, you have to buy guitars for each game. It's ridiculous! ezGear, solves that problem! The ezJam guitar will work with both games!   KirkYuhnke, Fox13 News

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