ezSkin™ Landau for iPhone 3G

It's not a skin...Its an ezSkin.

ezGear Quality - Complete Protection - Great Price



  • Made of ultra-durable high-grade silicone with anti-dust coating

  • Precision molded case to fit your iPhone

  • Opening to access the headphone jack and dock connector

  • ezButton Feature - Silicon Cover makes it easier to press an iPhone button

  • Provides complete protection of ALL surfaces of your iPhone

  • 3 Stylish Colors



List Price



The new ezSkin continues the tradition of ezGear’s top selling ezSkin product line.  ezSkin cases are made of high quality silicone for a perfect fit and a special silky smooth coating to repel dirt and provide a great feel.  All ezSkins provide access to all ports, buttons, and switches.


The ezSkin Landau offers a silicon skin to protect the sides and back of your iPhone 3G and includes a thin film protector to protect the screen.  The silicon used is of the highest quality giving a silky smooth feel to the touch.  The ezSkin Landau includes a thin screen protector with full touch access to protect your iPhone's Screen.

ezButton Feature

In the past, cases would leave holes for buttons so you can access them.  This required you to put your finger down into the silicon case to access the buttons, which at times can be difficult.  With ezButtons, the button control is built into the case.  Press on the ezButton cushion and it pushes the button for you.  This makes it much easier to adjust the volume, turn on or off your phone, or press the home button. It also keeps dirt out of your case keeping your iPhone cleaner.

And the ezSkin Landau is a great value for any iPhone user at $14.99