ezSkin Plus for iPod Touch G2

ezSkin Touch G2

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ezSkin Plus for iPod Touch

Protect your new iPod Touch G2 with the ezSkin Plus for iPod Touch.  The ezSkin Plus use high quality silicon with a special dust reducing coating to protect your iPod.  The ezSkin Touch comes with everything you need... An integrated belt clip, a iPod Touch static screen protector, a cleaning cloth, and a port protector.



The ezButton Feature is built into every case.  The silicon covers the button.  You can press each button through the case while keeping your iPod clean.


Port Protector

ezSkins now include a port protector to keep your iPod dock connector clean.


  • Made of ultra-durable high-grade silicone with anti-dust coating

  • Precision molded case to fit your iPod Touch G2

  • ezButton feature for your on/off, home, and volume buttons

  • Openings on bottom for access to the dock connector and earphone jack

  • Includes clear screen protector and cleaning cloth

  • Includes removable belt clip and removable belt clip post

  • Provides complete protection of ALL surfaces of your iPod

  • 2 Colors  Onyx Black   Frost White

The ezSkin Removable belt clip is sturdy and made to last.

ezSkin Port Protector